Monday, December 19, 2016

Birmingham Cello Project - Christmas Concert

warming up...
So, we did it! We had our first Birmingham Cello Project performance. And it was just lovely and so much fun!

No, we didn't play perfectly. It was a rainy and cold day... which is not particularly good for string instruments. (Or hair, but that's another story!)

At the beginning our rehearsal, we kind of fell apart. But when showtime rolled around, we pulled it together. We enjoyed playing with the violinists, and we're so grateful to Morningside for having us, and to St. Mark Church for allowing us practice space each month!

Here's a picture of a few of our colorful cases:
rainbow cello cases!

And here's the whole group of cellists... thank you, Paul Latham, for taking pictures! And to John Nelson for arranging the event.
(l-r) John, Becky, Meredith, Irene, Maria, Paul, Phil, Rebecca

From all of us to all of you: Happy Holidays!


  1. a merry cello song to all, what a happy photo, thank you@nancyboflood

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